Cure Childhood Cancer

Board of Directors

Larry Connolly, President
(Connolly LLC, Retired CEO)
“Childhood cancer is the second leading cause of death of children under the age of 18; and yet, research for the disease is shamefully under funded. By focusing on research and education, CURE addresses the words parents desperately want to hear the most – that their child is going to be OK and can live a full and productive life. Atlanta needs and deserves a top notch cancer research and treatment center, and we have that with the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Services at CHOA.”
Tylka_Pat_LowRes Pat Tylka, Vice President
(Cisco, Vice President of New Business Development, Retired)
“I became aware of CURE through my wife’s participation at the Quiet Heroes luncheon years back. In 2009, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I realized quickly that this was not a short term battle and it would take not only all my efforts, but that of my family also. What hit me the hardest was seeing young children going through the same treatments I was dreading daily. It was seeing those kids and talking to their parents that led me down the path of supporting CURE.”
April Voris, Vice President
(GRM, Partner)
“I first became involved with CURE Childhood Cancer through the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter of Delta Delta Delta and our annual event, Care Affair. I was instantly enthusiastic about the affect we can have as one organization and we are honored to support CURE annually, for over 25 years. Personally I wanted to be able to contribute even more and felt I could bring my marketing skills, knowledge and contacts to the table to help in the marketing and fundraising efforts. I am deeply committed to the mission and am a true zealot for CURE as I truly believe that through our efforts we will find a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime.”
Kevin Kennedy, Secretary
(Morgan Stanley, Vice President)
“My experience with CURE started shortly after my 18 year old son Joe was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in June, 2007. I had never heard of CURE or the Aflac Cancer Center before that night and we had no experience dealing with a life threatening illness. That was soon to change. Joe was treated at Aflac and eventually sent to the NIH in Bethesda to participate in a clinical trial. We almost lost Joe on two different occasions while we were at the NIH; thankfully he stabilized and slowly improved. Through a family friend, I was able to meet Lauren Gearon. Lauren graciously spoke to my wife and me about her experience with aplastic anemia – she gave us hope. Three months later Joe had recovered enough to try going to college. Lauren was kind enough to meet with Joe – she gave Joe hope. We have been supporters of CURE since that time because CURE gives hope to families facing these horrific childhood illnesses.”
Ed Cooney, Treasurer 
(Affinity Bank, President)
“I am testament to the effectiveness of CURE’s strong outreach program. I was introduced to CURE by a friend who asked for a sponsorship. The sponsorship lead me to the CURE website where I started receiving newsletters. With a tear in my eye, I read each story of the children and families affected by this awful disease. Although I have no firsthand experience with childhood cancer, CURE’s mission resonates with me. I felt called to get off the sidelines and into the fight. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to contributing all of my efforts to its success.”
Jill Becker
(WXIA TV, Retired Anchor)

Our son Matt was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma at the age of 3. Our story has a happy ending. Matt is a healthy 24 year old looking forward to the rest of his life. I will never forget how incredibly kind and giving people were to our family when he was sick. That caring is the heart and mission of CURE, and that is why this organization has my heart and my commitment. I am honored to be part of CURE and to continue to share this love with these beautiful children and their families as we search for the cure that ends childhood cancer.


0039 Rich Boustead
(Accenture, Executive – Global Business Services)
“My six year old son Declan was diagnosed with Leukemia March of 2012; within 72 hours of Declan’s diagnosis our family was introduced to CURE by way of the Thursday evening Open Arms Dinner. Declan, his siblings, my wife Susie, and I have been fortunate to have been recipients of CURE’s benevolence on several occasions and have developed a deep appreciation of the importance of CURE’s mission. Declan’s cancer journey has opened my eyes to the intensity of having a child battle cancer, the significance of CURE’s family and patient services, and the importance of conquering childhood cancer. I feel privileged to be a part of the CURE team and to help the special people who both deliver and receive CURE’s service.”
Tee Bridges
(Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Survivor; Stone’s Home Centers, President)
“I first became aware of CURE in 1981 when I was a patient at The Emory Clinic (Egleston). During the 1980s, I witnessed how CURE volunteers turned the clinic into a place of happiness instead of fear. “Miss Sydney,” a volunteer at the clinic, always had a game, arts and crafts or something for the kids to do while they were waiting for chemotherapy treatment. She was one of the most selfless people I have ever met. One would think that only bad memories come from being a cancer patient. However, I only have positive memories of the doctors, nurses, researchers, volunteers, hospital staff and the other patients who I befriended during my time at The Emory Clinic. Even today, these friends continue to be an inspiration to me.After being away from the Atlanta area for twenty years, my family and I moved to Dunwoody in 2008. Now that I have the time to give, it is time that I give back to CURE, an organization that has given so much to so many.”
Joe Coleman
(CS Truck & Trailer Repair, Owner and CEO)
“My daughter is a cancer survivor. Cancer is a terrible disease. Much progress is being made and yet I attended too many children’s funerals that I will never forget. This is my way of giving back in thanksgiving of my daughter’s cure, in honor of those that did not make it, and the hope that no other child or parent will have to go through this pain and suffering.”
Seth Gibree, D.M.D.
(North Georgia Smiles, Owner)
“I became involved with CURE because I strongly believe all children deserve the chance to enjoy life, to be free of worry, and to discover their dreams. As the father of two young boys, I appreciate the importance of running around outside, riding bikes, and simply playing (dirt optional)! Kids shouldn’t have to worry about hospitals, tumors, and big words they can’t pronounce. For that reason, CURE’s mission to love and support the children and families battling childhood cancer touches my heart. I am honored to serve with an organization that is committed to finding a cure for this terrible disease so that kids can get back to doing what they do best… just being kids.”
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.58.58 PM Lisa Heskett
(PricewaterhouseCoopers, Assurance Partner)
“So many of us are touched by cancer in our lives.  I have seen its devastating effects on the adults I’ve known who have been afflicted.  Some have survived only to then encounter other issues brought on by the treatments meant to cure the cancer.  The thought of children enduring those treatments and the long term effects on their bodies as well as those children who do not survive at all is what drove me to join the fight for a cure.”
Ginger Kindred
(Kindred Consultants, LLC, Owner)
“When doctors told us our one-year-old son, Trenton, had cancer, I collapsed to the hospital floor. When you experience a parent’s worst nightmare and have a doctor tell you that IF your son survives treatments, he will have a 20% chance of survival and IF he survives 3-5 years, he then has 70% chance of reoccurrence, your world stops. But with faith, hope and the help of family prayer warriors all over the country, our son survived and is a miracle! I have joined CURE Childhood Cancer and made a serious commitment to do everything to make a difference! I really believe the more we pull together, the closer we will get to finding a cure and making sure no family has to go through what ours has gone through. I will fight every day for CURE’s research to find a cure in our lifetime. Our life changed in about four seconds but with the support of family and friends we have survived and my hope is to help others avoid what we could not.”
Jason Rogers
(Grant Thornton LLP, Partner)
“While my family has not been personally impacted by childhood cancer, I have always been passionate about the development of kids and supporting organizations that benefit children. The courage and strength of these young heroes pushes me to want to make a difference. There is not a better organization to be associated with than CURE. From the wonderful support that is provided by patient & family services to the commitment to funding the research that will one day allow us to find a cure, CURE Childhood Cancer is paving the way.” 
Thomas G. Savini
(Damballa, Inc., CFO)
“I have witnessed two families lose precious young children to cancer. While my family could not comprehend their pain, we nonetheless grieved with them and wondered ‘What could we have done to help?’ I first learned of CURE Childhood Cancer when I was invited to a presentation on their mission and goals. I was deeply moved by the commitment of this organization, in particular the parents involved that had experienced the heartache of a child with cancer. At the same time I was shocked to learn of the low amounts of research funding for pediatric cancer cures. It quickly became clear to me that through CURE Childhood Cancer I could now ‘do something to help.’ Finding cures for these horrific diseases is a fight worth fighting and I am honored to be part of this effort.”
Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.37.19 PM Linda P. Terrana
(AlliedPRA Destination Management Atlanta)
“The US is arguably the most economically-advantaged nation in the world, yet tragically we lose more of our children (over six months of age) to cancer than to any other disease. With 5.067 billion dollars in annual government funding towards cancer research, a mere 3% is dedicated to research of childhood cancers. As a young mom here in Atlanta, my husband and I were thrust into the overwhelming arena of childhood cancer, and were forever changed. We were patients in a 32-bed hospital, named Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, now known as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We have seen tremendous progress in the war on pediatric cancer, yet there is much work still undone. The short life of our young son, Justin, is sadly be written without a happy ending. But because of his short time here, many long-term changes would come to be. Alongside my husband, and his three-decade long esteemed career in Atlanta morning radio, we have dedicated ourselves to fundraising, philanthropy, and steadfast community service on behalf of children battling childhood cancer in Atlanta. It is an honor and privilege to serve on the CURE Board of Directors, and in doing so, I pledge my relentless dedication to help raise funds for research that is so desperately needed and for the valuable ongoing patient and family services provided to families by the CURE staff.”
Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.46.36 AM Roger Weitkamp
(CryoLife, Inc., Legal Counsel – Securities)
“I was introduced to CURE by my friend and colleague, Kristin Connor, when her son Brandon was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. As I followed Brandon’s progress and recovery, I was impressed and moved as I learned more about the tremendous support CURE was providing to the Connors and the other families having to deal with fear, uncertainty, and grief I couldn’t even begin to imagine. Fortunately, my family has not been directly impacted by childhood cancer, but as we have watched our two boys grow into active, happy (for the most part…), and fabulously healthy young men, we have always known that their good health is a luxury not to be taken for granted and that so many others don’t have that luxury. I’ve continued to follow and be inspired by CURE over the years, and I wanted to play an active role in supporting the great work it does to realize its long-term mission of finding a cure for childhood cancer while delivering on its day-to-day commitment to provide crucial support to the children and their families who are fighting the disease right now. I am very honored to be part of CURE, and look forward to contributing to its continued success.”
Richard Woodcock
(Atlanta Radiology, Neuroradiologist)
“CURE was first introduced to our family in a very personal way when our son was treated for a hematologic disease at Children’s in Atlanta. We spent several days at the hospital and saw CURE’s positive impact on those there with us. Over the next few years we were acutely aware of CURE’s important work in treating and supporting families with childhood cancers. With friends in our community fighting this fight, and colleagues who care for these children, I felt motivated to contribute in a special way. We participated in several CURE events and felt the passion that was devoted to CURE’s cause. I would like to bring my own passion to supporting children and families with childhood cancer, and working to solve the research puzzles that such cancers present.”
Ellen Yates
(Mother of Childhood Cancer Survivor)
“As a Mom of a cancer survivor and a current volunteer in the AFLAC Cancer Center at Egleston Campus, I think about the kids I play with and our own son’s health quite often. I hope to spread the word about how we must take steps NOW to CURE this awful disease. We are so fortunate to be associated with a top-notch research and treatment facility, but we, as lay people, must be actively vigilant about spreading the word about how funds are needed.”
Jeffrey Yost
(Rock-Tenn Company, Senior Corporate Counsel)

“Today, it seems as though most people have been affected by cancer in some way, whether personally, a family member, a co-worker or a friend. My experience has been no different having lost my mother and a grandparent to cancer. To honor their memory, I wanted to be involved with an organization dedicated to finding a cure to cancer. I can think of no better way to honor their memory than to support and serve CURE.”
Leslie Zacks
(Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer)
“Children should play. They should not be forced to lie in bed worrying about white blood cell counts, tumor sizes or whether they will see their next birthday. CURE understands the personal and emotional impact cancer has on children and their families. CURE understands that tackling this disease requires significant resources. CURE understands…that is why it invests in the training and education of pediatric oncologists and in much needed clinical research. There are a lot of non-profits out there, but only one that focuses on pediatric cancer clinical research and understands what it will take to discover the ultimate solution. My heart breaks with each diagnosis and I am committed to ensuring that my time, money, sweat and energy will make a difference in this important fight.”

*CURE would like to thank Daniel Henninger for donating his services for the Board of Directors photography. Visit him at
Carlos Alvarado, M. D. (Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncologist, Retired Associate Professor)
Ken Biggerstaff (NES Construction Services, Vice President)
Andrew Block (McKesson Health Solutions, Chief Sales Counsel)
Jeff Bogart (Bogart & Bogart, P.C., Partner)
Don Campbell (Virtual Management Technologies, CEO)
Edwin R. Clark (Atlanta Motor Speedway, President)
John Deushane (WXIA-TV, President and General Manager)
Harry W. Findley, PH.D (Retired Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Emory University)
Tom and Chris Glavine (Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher, Pediatric Cancer Advocate)
Greg Kindred (Richard Bowers & Company, Senior Vice President and Father of Childhood Cancer Survivor)
Raymond King (Zoo Atlanta, CEO)
Eric Lindberg (MSI International, President & CEO)
Trey Loughran (Equifax Personal Information Services, President)
Bruce Meyer (Triad of North Atlanta-Global Business Development Firm, Managing Partner)
David Norden (Troutman Sanders, Attorney)
Vernon O’Neal (Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Senior Vice President)
Shawl Pryor (Moonbeam Capital Investments, LLC)
Louis B. Rapkin, M.D. (Pediatric Oncologist, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta)
Ted Schweers (Dominium Benefits, Principal)
Bernard Taylor (Alston & Bird, Partner)
Alan Thomson (TerraFirma Financial, Wealth Strategist)
Rhys Wilson (Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, Partner)
John Yates (Morris, Manning & Martin LLP, Partner)
Bernie Zidar (McKesson Health Solutions, Chief Counsel IP)


Jeannine Addams
Gary Andriate
Jane Bick
Jeana Coleman
Dan Dever
Craig Lovin
Carol McCloud
Dawn Patterson
Judy Payne
Abdel Ragab, M.D.
Juan Ramirez
Colin Smith, RN
June Tatum Roger
Roger Vega, M.D.
Susan Walker

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