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September 1st, 2015

CURE Childhood Cancer Honors Lauren

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join us today as CURE Childhood Cancer honors Lauren. Join our fight as CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time! Donate to Lauren’s fundraising page. 

Lauren Morris Photo

March 2014 started out like any other month, with school projects and stirring plans for the upcoming Spring Break. For Lauren and her two sisters, March also brought a yucky stomach bug that was making its way around the schools. Her two older sisters got better after 24 hours, but Lauren’s nausea wouldn’t subside. After 3 days of nausea and headache, Lauren’s pediatrician suggested that her parents take her to the Emergency Room to be treated for possible dehydration. While there, the Emergency Room Physician suggested that Lauren undergo a quick CT scan of her head to make sure that there was nothing else causing the headache. To everyone’s surprise, there WAS something there.

Just two weeks before her 10th birthday, Lauren was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The next morning, Lauren underwent a six-hour brain surgery to remove the tumor. After waiting approximately a week for lab results to confirm, Lauren’s doctors discovered that the cause of her tumor was a rare and aggressive form of cancer called atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, or ATRT. Over the next several weeks, Lauren underwent a series of tests and surgeries to prepare her body to fight the disease. In early April, Lauren began a treatment protocol for her type of cancer, which included 51 weeks of chemotherapy, and six weeks of radiation. Although the chemotherapy could be done locally at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Lauren and her family had to spend two months in Jacksonville, Florida for the radiation portion of her treatment.

Lauren endured significant side effects from chemotherapy, including skin burns, loss of hair, hearing damage, and extreme pain and weight loss. Thankfully, though, Lauren completed her treatment protocol in April 2015, and she has been such a trooper through it all. Despite some setbacks and the many side effects of chemotherapy, Lauren continues to smile and be strong. Her motto is, “I am tougher than cancer!” Lauren has proven this motto to be true by enduring many tests since treatment completion, including several questionable MRIs. But, the most recent MRI result declared that she is cancer free! Now her focus is on living the life of a normal kid and helping other kids through their journey by raising awareness and spreading hope! Due to Lauren’s diligence in keeping up with her studies throughout treatment, Lauren will be entering middle school on schedule in August with all of her friends there to cheer her on! Lauren and her family are so extremely thankful for the support and encouragement from CURE Childhood Cancer.

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September 1st, 2015

CURE Childhood Cancer Honors Mary

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Join us today as CURE Childhood Cancer honors Mary. Join our fight as CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time! Donate to Mary’s fundraising page. 

Mary Tipton Carter Photo

Mary is a vibrant 8 year old who loves rollerblading, tennis, swimming, softball, Girl Scouts and all things Star Wars.  In February 2015, she was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite for abdominal pain, nausea and fever.

Her pediatrician suspected appendicitis or a stomach virus on top of the ear infection she already had. During an ultrasound of Mary’s abdomen to examine her appendix, the technician spotted an “abnormality” on her ovary.

The ER physician suspected a twisted ovary and assumed it was causing the abdominal pain and vomiting. Mary had emergency surgery to untwist the ovary, but the surgeon found a mass on her ovary instead. Pathology confirmed it was ovarian dysgerminoma, a rare type of germ cell tumor that is aggressive, but thankfully treatable.

Three children in eight years, and this was our first trip to the ER. We were shocked and terrified.

Mary had three rounds of chemotherapy, each of which required a 6-day inpatient stay at Scottish Rite. She started treatment in March and had her final dose of chemo on May 5th. Her post treatment scans have been all clear, showing no evidence of disease. NED is our new best friend!

We have been truly amazed at the outpouring of support we received from our community. It started with a Meal Train set up by our neighbor. Families we had never met signed up to bring food. I suppose that is the way of the South. Family emergency = casseroles and cookies. It was terrific. As Mary was not at school very often, she enjoyed the visits from friends and neighbors.

There were so many kindnesses bestowed upon our family. The elementary school Run Club made Mary an honorary member. All of the 2nd grade classes made cards and sent them to the hospital. Mary registered for softball the week before she was diagnosed, so she had to sit out the season; but the team played a game in her honor and wore gold wristbands for childhood cancer awareness. Mary is a Brownie Girl Scout, and the Troop showed solidarity by wearing turquoise bandanas when Mary lost her hair. (Turquoise is Mary’s favorite color). The Troop also organized a Skate-a-Thon to benefit CURE and donated over 280 toiletry kits for the tote bags that CURE provides to newly diagnosed families.

In between rounds of chemo we decided to participate in the CURE Childhood Cancer Lauren’s Run. Teachers, students, parents and even our school nurse showed up for the event! Mary walked the 2k race hand in hand with her friends.

The way our community’s children rallied around Mary and supported her was nothing short of incredible. Childhood cancer is horrific, but we did find great joy along the way. We were blissfully unaware of the prevalence of childhood cancer until our Mary was diagnosed. Our family is now determined to fight childhood cancer long after our personal battle is won.

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July 29th, 2015

Onward Reserve Creates Co-Branded CURE Shirt for September Fundraiser


CURE Childhood Cancer is proud to announce a new partnership with men’s apparel lifestyle brand and retailer, Onward Reserve! To raise funds for childhood cancer research, the store has created a co-branded CURE Childhood Cancer button-down shirt to be sold online and in stores. The shirts will be available starting August 1, 2015 for pre-sale and will be delivered in September. The limited edition shirts will include both the Onward Reserve and CURE logo to raise awareness during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The funds raised through this partnership will support CURE’s critical mission – to save the lives of children with cancer.  Because Onward Reserve has six nationwide store locations and an even greater online fan base, the impact of your purchase will greatly benefit the many families and entire communities suffering from childhood cancer.

Owner and founder, TJ Callaway shares his excitement of the new partnership:

We are fortunate to be able to leverage our existing platform for such a great cause.  This partnership has the potential to raise enough money to make a real impact in the fight against childhood cancer and that is something that the entire Onward Reserve team is proud of.  Knowing that we have made a difference is the real benefit.  Aside from the actual dollars raised, it is a great way for us to introduce our customers to this cause as well as introducing the supporters of CURE to Onward Reserve.  I look forward to many years of success for this initiative.

The shirts cost $98.50 and 100% of the profits will be donated to CURE. Place your pre-sale order online today or if you are located in Georgia, stop by the Onward Reserve Athens and Buckhead store locations starting August 1st.


May 12th, 2015

Kell High School’s “What a Man” Pageant Hosts Fundraiser for CURE Childhood Cancer

Each year, the Student Government Association at Carlton J. Kell High School in Marietta, GA, hosts two pageants – a girls’ pageant in the fall and a boys’ pageant in the spring. Tricia Malloy, a senior and a member of the Student Government Association, helped to put on the spring “What a Man” pageant. This humorous, student-run pageant was filled with fun and flawless performances by 20 young men. There were three panel judges (last year’s “What a Man” winner, the school principal, and CURE Board Member Kevin Kennedy) who rated each performer on multiple criteria. It was quite the entertaining evening. But the “What a Man” pageant was more than simply a night of fun, it also acted as a fundraiser for CURE Childhood Cancer.

Participants with Tricia and Kevin

Organizer Malloy’s decision to chose CURE as the beneficiary of the pageant was an easy one. Not only did Malloy serve on the CURE Youth Council, but she also witnessed her younger sister battle – and beat – childhood cancer.

CURE Board Member Kevin Kennedy (L) pictured with Tricia Malloy (far right) and her mother and sister.


The Student Government Association set a $3,000 fundraising goal – and they worked hard to ensure they met it. One special donation came in the form of a ziplock baggie, filled with dollar bills and change. That $23 was collected by a teacher’s four young children who sold seashells for a donation to CURE.

By the night of the pageant, they were only $53 short of their $3000 goal. During the performances, the MC announced where they stood, and instantly the last $174 in donations flew in. The entire Kell community came together for the cause and exceeded this goal with a total of $3,119.68 to CURE!

What a special night it was.

March 31st, 2015

Atlanta Academy Holds 10-Year Cancer Free Celebration Honoring Trenton Kindred

IMG_1688Trenton Kindred has endured more medical treatments and hospital stays than most people ever will in a lifetime. Just five days after his first birthday, Trenton was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. He began five rounds of chemotherapy, followed by stem cell harvesting and two tandem bone marrow transplants, not to mention countless minor surgeries. While most kids his age had little to no worries or responsibilities, radiation, surgeries, infections, low blood counts and fatigue defined Trenton’s life.

This torture continued for a total of eight months in the hospital.

Throughout his battle with cancer, Trenton never gave up, and that same fearlessness remains in him today. His determination, fight and love of life helped him through the treatments. Despite the terror Trenton faced, he is now 10 years old, enjoys playing football and is most importantly, cancer free.

Trenton’s parents, Greg and Ginger formed the Trenton W. Kindred research fund to help find a cure for childhood cancer and inspire other childhood cancer patients to live life to the fullest. Also an important part of his support team are Trenton’s classmates and friends at Atlanta Academy– “Trenton’s Tigers.” These students are usually busy running fundraisers to support research for a cure, but more recently, they enjoyed a day of celebration.

IMG_5575-EditOn Wednesday, March 18th, the Atlanta Academy joined together to celebrate fifth-grader Trenton Kindred’s 10-year anniversary as a survivor of Neuroblastoma. In honor of Trenton’s amazing victory, students wore their Trenton’s Tigers T-Shirts as part of an out-of-uniform day and donated $5 to purchase a gold balloon. As a symbol of hope for all cancer victims, students released the balloons together as a school. The proceeds were graciously donated to CURE Childhood Cancer.

As all 350 gold balloons filled the air, students, families and staff were reminded of how important the small joys in life can truly be. Congratulations for being cancer-free for 10 years, Trenton! CURE is honored to have been there for you and your family every step of the way.

How To Donate to the Trenton W. Kindred Research Fund

Click here to donate online and choose “Trenton Kindred Fund” in the Designation section. Your gift will be directed accordingly.

Checks can be  made out to CURE Childhood Cancer, with “Trenton W. Kindred Research Fund” written on the notes line.  Mail checks to: CURE Childhood Cancer, 1117 Perimeter Center West, Suite N-402, Atlanta, GA 30338



February 5th, 2015

Goldsmith Usborne Books Fundraiser Fights Childhood Cancer With A Hug

10250176_10152609823224504_5700340124357260294_nDuring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month until October 15th, Goldsmith Usborne Books sponsored a Cuddle Bear Challenge to raise support for CURE Childhood Cancer. Not only was 25% of each Cuddle Bear item book or set donated to CURE, but the item purchased was also given to a child with cancer.

Through the generous purchases made through the September event, a holiday Usborne Books & More show in December, and partnership with another consultant, 9 complete sets and 4 additional cuddle bears were delivered to CURE this week.  In addition, some bear sets went to individuals who chose to give a gift to a specific person in their circle of influence.

CURE also received cash from the proceeds of the sales to go towards childhood cancer research.  Thank you to those who participated in the September event and holiday show. These sets will brighten the life of a child facing this giant called cancer.

January 12th, 2015

Join CURE at Simply Buckhead’s 5th Anniversary Celebration!


Simply Buckhead is an upscale lifestyle magazine based in Buckhead, Georgia and appeals to the surrounding communities of Decatur, Vinings, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven and Virginia Highland. Simply Buckhead has supported CURE Childhood Cancer as a print media sponsor to help raise awareness of CURE’s mission within each publication. With 22,000 free copies distributed throughout the area six times a year, CURE has received added exposure to vital areas of our community.

As Simply Buckhead has supported CURE, we encourage you to join us as we celebrate Simply Buckhead’s 5th year of publication on Tuesday, February 3rd from 6:30-9 pm at Jetlinx/Signature Air at Dekalb Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, GA. There will be silent auctions, art displays, signature cocktails, and Atlanta Hawks announcer Bob Rathbun will be the MC for the evening. CURE will also be honored during this celebration.

Tickets are available at for $35/person. All proceeds from ticket sales and the fundraising Gift Pull will go directly to CURE. Gift Pull tickets are $20 each and items are valued from $20-$5,000. Everyone’s a winner!

Simply Buckhead’s goal is to raise a minimum of $40,000 at this event for CURE, and they would like your support to make it happen.

If you can’t join us but wish to make a donation to CURE, click HERE.


Simply Buckhead 5th Anniversary Celebration

Jetlinx/Signature Air

1 Corsair Drive, #100, Atlanta, GA 30341

February 3, 2015

6:30-9 pm

December 16th, 2014

Towns County High School Student Honors Friend and CURE for Senior Project

Without the many fundraisers hosted by neighborhood groups, local businesses, schools and inspired individuals, we would be many steps further from finding a cure for childhood cancer within our lifetime. Thanks to the help of many generous supporters, each day we are one step closer to ending this disease once and for all.

You may have heard of Caps for CURE, a fundraiser started by a local Henry County school to raise money for Sarah Barr while she was being treated for cancer. Students simply bring $1 in support of the fight to end childhood cancer, and they can wear a cap to school. This fundraiser has been going on strong for about 5 years now, and many other schools in the area have followed suit!

We would like to share with you another student who is making a difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. Ashley Abrahamson, a student at Towns County High School in Hiawassee, Georgia chose CURE Childhood Cancer as her recipient of funds raised for her senior project. Ashley chose to do a senior project on childhood cancer, specifically Acute Myeloid Leukemia, because she lost her friend, Jessi Patrick, on Thanksgiving Day 2010 to AML. Jessi would have been graduating with Ashley this year if this cancer had not taken her precious life. It is admirable that Ashley chose to honor Jessi during this time.

Ashley asked Jessi’s mother, Kathi, if she knew of an organization specific to cancer that she could donate to, and Kathi recommended CURE because of the great support her family experienced during Jessi’s treatment at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. As part of her senior project, Ashley organized a 5K run to raise money for CURE. She raised $255!

We are so grateful for leaders like Ashley, who have raised awareness and funds for childhood cancer through various community fundraisers and projects. We hope through sharing this story, that you will also be encouraged to support this important cause. No matter how big or small, there is always something you can do give back.

December 3rd, 2014

Gwinnett Ballet Theatre Nutcracker Performance and Raffle for CURE

We believe every child and family affected by cancer deserves a few special days throughout the year to forget about this disease and have a great time with friends, family and the community. This holiday season, Gwinnett Ballet Theatre is offering discounted tickets for CURE families to attend The Nutcracker. Select showtimes are available for a discounted price of $18.00 per ticket:

December 6th at 2:30pm

December 6th at 7:30pm

December 7th at 2:30pm

If you are a CURE family and are interested in a discounted ticket, please email Paula Collins at

Not only is this weekend a special weekend for CURE families, but also to everyone who attends! In addition to the wonderful performances, a raffle will also take place to support CURE. 100% of raffle proceeds will support children and families battling cancer, and all attendees are encouraged to participate. Raffle tickets can be purchased in the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre lobby before each show. You must have a ticket to either of the three Nutcracker performances to purchase a raffle ticket.

The raffle item list includes the following prizes:

  • Tom Glavine autographed limited ed. CURE Childhood Cancer baseball bat
  • Tom Glavine autographed baseball
  • 2 tickets Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers game 12/28/14 ($280)
  • Atlanta Hawks tickets
  • Gwinnett Gladiators tickets
  • Gwinnett Braves tickets
  • Citizen watch ($550 value) – Van Adams Jewelers
  • Christmas Family Fun- Giant nutcracker, 4 Pink pig tickets and a $100 voucher for Aurora Theatre for any upcoming show.
  • 2 specialty “Frozen” cakes – Blue Rooster bakery
  • Princess Basket- custom tutu, tiara, pointe shoe, Nutcracker Barbie, American Girl “Isabella” books
  • Carter’s Baby Basket
  • ….And more!

For more information regarding the raffle, please contact Susan Haglund at

If you are looking to enjoy a Christmas show this holiday season, this is definitely a performance you won’t want to miss. Invite your coworkers, family, friends and community groups to the special showings to support CURE through this exciting raffle and witness the amazing talent of the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre. We hope to see you there!


 Gwinnett Ballet Theatre

1800 MacLeod Drive

Lawrenceville, GA 30043


October 22nd, 2014

Sign Up for a November Georgia Crafted Subscription Box to Benefit CURE

Whether your child or a child of a loved one, friend or acquaintance, the impact of childhood cancer either hits close to home or right at home. In Georgia alone, more than 430 children will be diagnosed with cancer in the next year. That’s why it is so important for the Georgia community to join the global fight against childhood cancer. This month, Georgia Crafted– a monthly subscription service featuring products and crafts made by local Georgia artisans- has announced that a portion of its November proceeds will go to CURE Childhood Cancer! This great news was also announced in addition to a new collaboration with Yelp OTP to bring customers the best, exclusive products of shops outside the North Atlanta Perimeter area.

Products will include gourmet food, beverages, vanity products, home goods and more. The cost of the November subscription box is $29.99 and includes nationwide shipping. Customers can sign up for a one, three or 6-month recurring monthly membership. The deadline to order the November subscription box has been extended to November 7th and is the perfect holiday gift for those that would appreciate Georgia-made or Southern-style products. Subscribe here to take advantage of this great deal!

Georgia Crafted became inspired to donate to CURE after 5-year-old Austin Nemecek was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare yet high-risk form of cancer. Austin is the son and nephew of the owners of French Silver, a longtime partner of Georgia Crafted.

As CURE’s supporters and impact continues to grow nationwide, it is encouraging to also see more efforts being done right in our backyard.  Thank you to Georgia Crafted and Yelp OTP for considering CURE in its subscription service partnership. What a great way to support a global cause and local shops and artists at the same time!

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    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and there are many ways individuals, groups, companies, and schools can #GoGold4CURE. Click here to download flyers and posters, view fundraising ideas, and learn how to support some of CURE’s GOLD partners.

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    Your donation to CURE Childhood Cancer directly supports CURE’s $2.5 million commitment to research aimed at finding cures for the 20% of children who do not survive their battle with cancer. In addition, it supports CURE’s Patient & Family programs, meeting the critical and urgent needs of our families.