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Companies that Care

Our Companies that Care Section highlights all of the companies that support CURE by donating their time and services.  We are so grateful for all of these wonderful companies that give back to CURE every day.

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I first became involved in CURE after my client and friend Ginger Kindred went through so much with her son Trenton when he was just one years old, I felt a special bond with Trenton because he and I had the same birthday and I had photographed him a couple of times before his diagnosis.  I met Kristin and also heard her story.  You cannot help but be moved by the stories that have happy endings and especially the stories that have sad endings.  I have been a photographer for about 16 years, but my original career was nursing for 18 years.  I worked Pediatrics for many years and have always loved kids so much.  My first patient tragedy was in 1980 my first year of nursing.  This rough and tumble boy named Dale Dalton came in for evaluation because he was having persistent leg pain.  Turns out it was Ewing’s Sarcoma.  He died on Christmas Day.  I keep a picture that he gave me on my refrigerator and still think of him and pray for him and his family.  That was 31 years ago.  If I can still cry over him, what must his family feel.  WE Need to Get Rid of Cancer in Children.Here is a quote which I find especially moving..”Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow; his name is today.” -Gabriela MistralI wanted to give back because I have been blessed with two healthy children. I am so lucky to be able to give in the way that I love the best, taking pictures!  I have photographed the Quiet Heroes Luncheon now for three years and have loved meeting these amazing women!  I stand in awe of their quiet grace.  I also have photographed Lauren’s Run now for three years and that is my favorite, to be outside on a beautiful sunny day in May surrounded by laughter and face-painted, jumping, dancing and swirling kids is such a joy to me, to be able to capture a moment that expresses the happiness and fun of the day!

TBG Design Terry Milling, the daughter of Pam Milling, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on July 1, 2009. I first came in contact with CURE through a client, Scott Martin, whose child passed away. When Terry was diagnosed, I reached out to Scott in hopes he could bring comfort to Pam. He spoke highly of CURE and friend Kristin Connor, Executive Director, and suggested Pam contact CURE for help, and she did. Because of the fine people at CURE, Pam developed some life lines through a very difficult time.I offered help CURE with any graphic design needs, and was honored to be given the opportunity. I do what I can with the talents given to me, to give a little back. I wish my services were not necessary, but I am here for CURE as needed.

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    CURE’s latest annual report has arrived. Click here to read the full report of our year’s progress, including inspirational stories of some of the families CURE has supported.

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    Purchase a table now for the special Sisters on a Journey dinner, program and auction, benefiting Catie’s Fund of CURE Childhood Cancer. 2016 will host three dinners in Savannah (2/20), Effingham (3/19) and Statesboro (4/16). To purchase tickets, contact Mandy Garola at