Cure Childhood Cancer

CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer


September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and CURE is committed to raising awareness of childhood cancer through sharing the journeys of the brave children who fight this monster of a disease every day.

“CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time” is an initiative aimed at the goals of educating and empowering. Each day in September, CURE will highlight a very special child in our CURE family who has been affected by cancer. We will share their stories of diagnosis, treatment, courage. We will share stories of survivorship and loss. We will open and change hearts as we honor and remember our children.

We will also work together to raise money to fight back. With our help, each family participating will attempt to raise a minimum of $1,000. In September 2014, CURE’s Kids raised more than $247,000 – all of which was directed toward CURE’s 2014-2015 research initiative: specific research projects aimed at improving survival for difficult to cure pediatric cancers. What better way to give meaning to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month than to advance research for cures?

Meet our 2014 CURE’s Kids!

September 1
Bailey_Moody_large Team_Thomasville_large
Bailey Moody Team Thomasville
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Wil Senn
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September 2
Joshua_Mack_large Silas_Edenfield_large
Joshua Mack Silas Edenfield
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September 3
Alex_Silverman_large Ricky_James_large
Alex Silverman Ricky James
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Cathleen Chance
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September 4
 Austin_McDonald_large Abram_Gainous_large
 Austin McDonald Abram Gainous 
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McKenna West
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September 5
Luke_Cornille_large Molly_Johnson_large
Luke Cornille Molly Johnson
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Robbie Berry
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September 6
Lake_Bozman_large Michaela_Chase_large
Lake Bozman Michaela Chase
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Ashley Anderson
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September 7
MaryElizabeth_Paris_large Tyler_Wages_large
Mary Elizabeth Paris Tyler Wages
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Amir July
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September 8
Emaleigh_Devaney_large David_LeDonne_large
Emaleigh Devaney David LeDonne
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September 9
 Trenton_Kindred_large Rachel_Kavlie_large
Trenton Kindred Rachel Kavlie
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Chayton Williamson
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September 10
Millie_Baldwin_large Reece_McPhail_large
Millie Baldwin Reece McPhail
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Ross Pischke
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September 11
Nathan_Chumley_large Gideon_Aland_large
Nathan Chumley Gideon Aland
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 Kirsten Olander
Read My Story
September 12
Alicea_Davis_large Evan_Nelms_large,jpg
Alicea Davis Evan Nelms
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September 13
Elena&Oliva_Tate_large Sean_Denver_large
Elena and Olivia Tate Sean Dever
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Robbie Moore
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September 14
Will_Wagner_large Jacob_Zamuel_large
Will Wagner Jacob Zamuel
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Liam Howell
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 September 15
Nicolas_Duncan_large Creed_Campbell_large
 Nicolas Duncan Creed Campbell
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Erin Massey
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September 16
Hudson_Lillystone_large Anderson_Krieger_large
Hudson Lillystone Anderson Krieger
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Sam Giordano
Read My Story
September 17
Joe_Chapman_large Maddie_Briscoe_large
Joe Chapman Maddie Briscoe
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Freddy Henao
Read My Story
September 18
Nolan_Goldklang_large Abby_Boone_large
Nolan Goldklang Abby Boone
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Katrina Lyerly
Read My Story
September 19
Olivia_Graham_large Knox_Bishops_large
Olivia Graham Knox Bishop
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Declan Boustead
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September 20
Cooper_Allen_large Sam_Robb_large
Cooper Allen Sam Robb
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Elizabeth DelOrier
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September 21
Kristen_Sorrell_large Colton_Moore_large
Kristen Sorrell Colton Moore
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Rachel Lembeck
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September 22
Collier_Cayce_large Terry_Milling_large
Collier Cayce Terry Milling
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Robin Shifflett
Read My Story
September 23
Alex_Shabman_large Shayla_Miller_large
Alex Shabman Shayla Miller
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Jessica Lee
Read My Story
September 24
Abigail_Christian_large Griffin_Sewell_large
Abigail Christian Griffin Sewell
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Beydn Swink
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September 25
Kaylee_Crapps_large Grace_Buckel_large
Kaylee Crapps Grace Buckel
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Anna Lee Weber
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September 26
Caps_CURE_large  Catie_Wilkins_large
Caps for CURE Catie Wilkins
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Rocco Corsini
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September 27
Tommy_Peterson_large Emma_Trapani_large
Tommy Peterson Emma Trapani
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Andrew Hall
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September 28
Dylan_Moore_large. Abby_Smith_large
Dylan Moore Abby Smith
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Audrey DeShetler
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September 29
Jared_Forman_large Abby_Collins_large
Jared Forman
Abby Collins
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Watson_DuFrense_large Lindsey_Hayes_large
Watson DuFresne Lindsey Leigh Hayes
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September 30
Sophie_Piller_large Miley_Parker_large
Sophie Piller
Miley Parker
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Blake_large Chaya_Dalya_large
Blake Morgan Chaya Dalya
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