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Maddie Briscoe Research Fund

Maddie Briscoe was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston on Labor Day 2010, after doctors saw three tumors on a CT scan they took while examining her for back pain. Four days later, Maddie started chemo for stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Over the next 14 months, she had 6 rounds of induction chemo, two stem cell transplants, 12 rounds of radiation and 6 rounds of antibody treatment. Maddie achieved remission towards the end of induction, just before the start of her first transplant and has been NED since.

Maddie has all but captivated her small community in the short time since her diagnosis. Her story has brought people together from all over the country, literally. A gentleman drove all the way from Pampa, Texas last November just to be a part of the 2nd Annual Team Maddie tournament. He sold harmonicas to raise money for that year’s beneficiary after seeing a video about Maddie on Youtube.

The support doesn’t end there. When Maddie was first diagnosed, there was an outpouring of support that her family never would have imagined existed: local PTOs; restaurants holding spirit nights (and all-day spirit days); churches and car dealerships sending checks in the mail; high school students begging for our permission to hold fundraisers; and a local mom who held a softball tournament for Maddie that jumpstarted a charity that has since raised more than $150,000 for local families. With these efforts, combined with the caring atmosphere of the Aflac Cancer Center, Maddie’s family knew that whatever her outcome would be, they would always want to be a part of this “world.”

Fortunately for Maddie’s parents, the outcome is promising. The Briscoe family considers themselves blessed that she has had such a good response to treatment. Equally so, they have been blessed by all the new people that are now as much a part of their lives as anyone has been.

Purpose of The Maddie Briscoe Research Fund

The purpose of The Maddie Briscoe Research Fund is to support innovative neuroblastoma research.

Maddie’s father Darren says, “At first, we thought big and had alot of grand ideas that we wanted to implement, such as a scholarship program, a special “gift” program for the Aflac Cancer Center, and a family “sponsorship” program (where we would “sponsor” a family whose child has cancer, helping raise financial, emotional and social support). In the end, we had to ground ourselves and say that we have to start off with a little more of a practical idea. That is where CURE comes in. We want our support to go directly to fight the cause (cancer) and not the symptom of why we are here. Not to diminish the financial needs of cancer families, but addressing and eliminating the very reason for that financial need seemed to be the best focus for our efforts.”

How to Donate to The Maddie Briscoe Research Fund

Click here to donate online and choose “Maddie Briscoe Fund” in the Designation section. Your gift will be directed accordingly.

Checks can be made out to CURE Childhood Cancer with “Maddie Briscoe Research Fund” written on the notes line. Mail checks to:

CURE Childhood Cancer
1117 Perimeter Center West, Suite N-402
Atlanta, GA 30338

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