Cure Childhood Cancer


June 29th, 2016

Two-Time Cancer Survivor uses her Love for Jewelry to Give Back to CURE.

Paige JansenPaige Jansen is a two-time cancer survivor with a purpose. While going through chemotherapy, Paige was struck as she watched young people suffer through treatment. “How unfair,” she thought. “There has to be something that can be done so that someone at such a young age does not have to suffer.”

Paige’s focus changed from her own poor prognosis – only a 20% chance of survival and more than one cancer diagnosis – to the struggles of other cancer patients. In 2007, she launched Saint Vintage Jewelry, an eco-friendly luxury brand that gives back to cancer research.

Paige works fervently with her team to fund cancer research one piece of jewelry at a time by donating up to 50% of the proceeds to cancer research all year round. Saint Vintage takes pieces of the past and turns them into trendsetting treasures. Known for her hand crafted designs, Paige uses a combination of vintage and antique embellishments, along with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, antique glass, vintage beads and antique pearls, crafting truly one of a kind bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A number of celebrity fans have linked arms with the Atlanta-based brand, including Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel and Giuliana Rancic and more—all in the name of finding a cure.

In addition to funding cancer research through CURE, Stand Up to Cancer, and other organizations, for the last three years, Paige has lovingly donated an exquisite piece of jewelry to each honored mother attending “A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes,” more than 750 pieces in total.

“Paige is an incredible inspiration and true champion,” says CURE Executive Director, Kristin Connor. “She’s taken her own life challenges and channeled them into something extraordinarily impactful for all who face cancer today and who will face cancer in the future.”

June 29th, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Leigh Ann Herrin

Leigh Ann and ChrisSometimes out of the darkest days come the brightest lights.

CURE volunteer Leigh Ann Herrin, in the midst of unimaginable tragedy, made a conscious decision to be “better, not bitter.” That tragedy was the loss of her seven-year-old son, Carter Martin, to Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2004. Today, Leigh Ann is a shining star at CURE, with volunteer duties which include chairing the auctions at both The Believe Ball and A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes for the past two years. Leigh Ann was actually the inspiration for the first “Quiet Heroes” luncheon, started by Chris Glavine in 2004, as a way of honoring mothers of children with cancer.

The huge commitment of time and effort to raise money to fund research into childhood cancer didn’t come quickly or easily for Leigh Ann.

“At times, I have been in the depths of despair over the past 11 years since Carter’s death—and in those times I was not able to help anyone—not even myself,” said Leigh Ann. “But when I got to a place of making the CHOICE that I was going to re-engage in life and do something that really mattered, CURE was the natural fit.”

Leigh Ann went to CURE Executive Director Kristin Connor and said she was ready to help. Her work on the auctions was tremendously successful, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars. But CURE wasn’t the only beneficiary of Leigh Ann’s hard work.

“The more I became involved, the more progress I saw in my own path to healing,” said Leigh Ann. “I can truly say that’s when I began to see changes in myself—for the better.  It was the best thing I ever did for myself… and having it help CURE was just a bonus!”

Once Leigh Ann conquered her fundraising goals, she agreed to take on an even more daunting role—speaking to other parents who have lost children to cancer. She was the keynote speaker this year at the weekend of Hope and Healing, and Legacy of Love, retreats for parents who have lost children to cancer sponsored by CURE.

“It makes me proud and very emotional to see her caring for other parents who have lost children,” said Kristin when asked about Leigh Ann’s work for CURE. “She has become such a light and source of hope for so many.”

“God has put me in a place of not only honoring Carter’s memory, but keeping his memory alive through me putting myself in a place to minister to others about their own loss and how to deal with the grief they will experience for a lifetime,” said Leigh Ann.

Carter’s dream, according to his mom, was to find a cure for cancer so other kids wouldn’t have to suffer like he did. That has become Leigh Ann’s life mission.

“What I am doing FINALLY matters,” Leigh Ann said. “My boy has left a legacy of people he has touched.  I only hope I can do the same.”

June 28th, 2016

CURE’s Partners in Caring Counseling Program

20029-092-1024x1024At the heart of CURE Childhood Cancer is the desire to address the critical and urgent needs of families affected by childhood cancer. CURE recognizes that childhood cancer is an extremely difficult, traumatic diagnosis, in which treatment and outcomes put strain and stress on the entire family. To offer additional support, help and encouragement for families of children diagnosed with cancer, we connected with licensed counseling centers across the state of Georgia and launched CURE’s Partners in Caring (PIC) program in 2013.

The PIC program was designed to provide families’ access to professional counselors who understand how childhood cancer, and its experiences, can affect the psychological and emotional well-being of the entire family. Since the launch of the PIC program we have continually strived to break down barriers associated with accessing counseling services.  Our PIC network includes 24 centers and over 50 therapists across the state of Georgia!

Accessing the PIC benefit therapists is an easy process. To qualify, families must have a child who meets one of these qualifications:

  • Diagnosed with a childhood cancer, LCH, HLH, or aplastic anemia
  • Relapsed with a childhood cancer, LCH, HLH, or aplastic anemia
  • Passed away due to childhood cancer, a cancer-related circumstance, LCH, HLH or aplastic anemia

The PIC program provides up to ten (10) counseling sessions at a minimal cost to families. Additional details:

  • If you choose to utilize these counseling services, CURE will pay 100% of the first session.
  • After the first session, families are responsible for $25.00 copay for each additional session (sessions 2-10).
  • Counseling sessions may range from individual counseling for the patient, siblings and/or parent to marriage counseling, grief counseling, or any combination of these services.
  • You also have the option to divide the 10 sessions between multiple family members based on your family’s needs.

To sign up or learn more, contact Karen McCarthy at

June 24th, 2016

Seeking Passionate Members of the CURE Community For Research

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.11.11 AM

A select group of passionate followers are invited to participate in a short online research study. The program is administered on behalf of CURE by our marketing agency. Your participation directly impacts our success and will help us to serve CURE as an organization better.

If you are passionate about CURE, we would like to hear from you! If you choose to participate, you will have a direct impact on contributing to the success of CURE and therefore helping to end the fight with childhood cancer.

Along contributing directly to CURE’s success, you could be selected for a future paid panel group.

In order to participate you must meet these requirements:

• Contribute to CURE
• Like CURE on Facebook
• Have shared or posted a comment on social about CURE in past 6 months
• Consider yourself “loyal” to CURE
• Go to Facebook at least 5x a week
• Agree to participate in 3 10-minute online assignments over the next three weeks

There will be no sales solicitation and your participation will remain completely confidential. If you agree, please email with a valid email. We will invite you to closed group online for further directions and next steps.

June 23rd, 2016

Code Orange Benefit Concert Raises $3,500!

code_orange6-year old Derrick Chisholm was diagnosed with optic glioma, a form of cancer which affects the optic nerve, and has taken his eyesight away. Derrick may have lost his eyesight, but his dreams and spirit still remain. And most importantly, he continues to be brave in his fight against cancer.

On Sunday, June 12, the third annual Code Orange benefit concert was held in his honor at the Alee Temple Shrine in Savannah, Georgia, to raise funds for CURE Childhood Cancer.

The event focused on praise, worship, music and helping others, featuring a variety of different praise and worships bands, as well as entertainers. Derrick’s 9-year old sister, Madison, performed and choreographed a solo dance in his honor, and motivational speaker, Lakeshia Dixon, served as the emcee. To say it was a moving event would be an understatement!


The event had a little more than 200 people attend and 13 organizational vendors. Code Orange t-shirts, candles, sunglasses and bracelets were sold and delicious desserts were served by Cocktail Hour Catering and Events. The event raised an amazing $3,500!

Thank you to Derrick’s family and friends for hosting this wonderful event, and for supporting CURE!




June 21st, 2016

5th Annual Orange Out Honors Three Children and Raises more than $1500 for CURE!

For the fifth year in a row, the MorningView Swim Team hosted an “Orange Out” to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer in honor of three previous swim team members, Abby Boone (far left), Cole Carter (4th from the left) and Elena Tate (far right).

SwimTeam Orange Out
Through donations, nail painting and tattooing, and an absolutely astounding bake sale, the community and swim team raised $1568.25 on Monday, June 13, 2016 for CURE Childhood Cancer. There was a sea of orange at the swim meet as everyone showed up in orange clothing, swim caps, hair, ribbons, and towels. MorningView Swim Team was honored to be able to host this event to show children that they don’t fight alone!

June 17th, 2016

Classic Subaru of Atlanta Donates $19,000+ to CURE Childhood Cancer


A part of Subaru’s Share the Love event, for each person who bought or leased a Subaru between November 19 and January 2, each dealership donated $250 to a local charity that benefits its community. CURE Childhood Cancer was selected, yet again this year, as Classic Subaru of Atlanta’s hometown charity.

At the end of this campaign, which has raised more than $65 million across the US, CURE received a check for more than $19,000. This generous donation will go far in furthering our mission to find a cure for childhood cancer. We are eternally grateful for the Share the Love Event, and the hardworking team at Classic Subaru of Atlanta, for their compassion and support. Together, we will find a cure for childhood cancer in our lifetime.

June 16th, 2016

Fly Private with IMAGINEAIR to Help CURE

CURE is excited to announce a new partnership with private plane company, IMAGINEAIR.

Fly door to door, on your schedule with IMAGINEAIR. Click this special CURE link, book travel and fly between now and August 31, and IMAGINEAIR will donate $100 to CURE  for every flight leg. This cannot be combined with any other offer.

Get CURE promo code button 250px
IMAGINEAIR services over 1,000 airports throughout the Eastern U.S., most within 10 to 15 minutes of passengers’ homes, offices and destinations. Fly private and avoid the time and hassle of a 3 to 8 hour drive, save thousands of dollars versus a private charter, and spend time on what matters. Fares vary, but average $900-$1400 per flight, which includes the entire aircraft and up to 3 passengers in your party. Click here to book now, or call 877.359.4242 and mention CURE.

Lifestyle GBF640


June 10th, 2016

Introducing CURE’s Newest Believe Fund: Team Alexa Fighting Back

When Alexa Hartenstein earned her “Angel Wings” on February 26, 2015, her family was crushed, to say the least. But her mother was also filled with a sense of inspiration: inspired by her daughter who taught her so many things; inspired to never give up the fight, even when things get hard; inspired to find joy in every day and give back to those who needed it most. And because of Alexa’s fight, we’re honored to introduce CURE’s latest Believe Fund, Team Alexa Fighting Back.

511b0702-1b5c-499a-a5cf-cbadf7f1426cIf ever there was an angel on Earth, you’d find her to be sweet Alexa Lee Hartenstein. She came into the world on March 16, 2009, with the most calm and peaceful personality, which grew with her into childhood. She always had a smile on her face, and she was so full of laughter and joy that it was contagious! Life with Alexa was as normal as life could be until the day her parents heard the words that no one ever dreams they will hear: “Your child has cancer.”

In September 2011, after a month of unexplained vomiting, falling down with every few steps, and many other symptoms, Alexa was diagnosed with a brain tumor – an sPNET, and it was extremely aggressive. It was a parent’s worst nightmare, but somehow Alexa managed to keep a smile through it all! From needle pokes to MRIs, chemo treatments to stem cell transplant, brain surgeries to radiation, Alexa endured more in three and a half years than many of us will face in a lifetime. In December 2015, after learning of her fourth relapse which had taken over her brain and spine, Alexa was moved to hospice care. Even then, her laughter and positive attitude never faded, and she continued to entertain her family and friends with her jokes and endless giggles. Alexa Lee was a fighter, and she showed what fierce determination looked like, right up until the very end. On February 26, 2015, her journey with cancer came to an end, and she earned the most beautiful set of angel wings.

Although Alexa’s life was cut short by cancer, she taught everyone who knew her just what it meant to live. To laugh amidst the worst of storms, and to enjoy every moment, good or bad. To be kind and show compassion to each person you meet, no matter the circumstances. To never give up the fight, even when things get hard. To find joy in every day and give back to those who needed it most.

clinicday1edit-254x300Purpose of the Fund:
Alexa’s family hopes to keep her legacy alive by helping other families who are battling childhood cancer. The Team Alexa Fighting Back fund will support CURE’s ongoing patient and family support programs, such as the Open Arms meal program and Family Emergency Fund.

How To Donate to Team Alexa Fighting Back:
Click here to donate online and choose “Team Alexa Fighting Back” in the Designation section. Your gift will be directed accordingly.

Checks can be made out to CURE Childhood Cancer, with “Team Alexa” written on the notes line. Mail checks to:  CURE Childhood Cancer, 1117 Perimeter Center West, Suite N-402, Atlanta, GA 30338

June 6th, 2016

Coaches for Curing Cancer Raises $12,000 for CURE!

On May 20-21, 2016, a group of athletic coaches from across the state joined together in Savannah, GA for a weekend conference, seminar, and gala, benefiting CURE Childhood Cancer. The 2nd Annual Coaches for Curing Cancer was a fantastic event, raising $12,000 for CURE. We are so grateful for this group of men and women for selecting CURE as the charitable recipient for the second year in a row.

Jenkins High School head football coach Tim Adams and CCC presented a check for $12,000 to Coaches for Curing Cancer Mandy Garola at ESPN Savannah in the Savannah Mall. Also pictured include Anna Adams, Brooke Hodges and ESPN Savannah 104.3 & AM 1400 general manager Jon Cabrera. And of course The Big Guy Frank Sulkowski WJCL behind the camera.





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    Attend the “Home by Dark” outdoor singer-songwriter concert on August 5th or August 6th, with proceeds benefiting CURE. The concert takes place at beautiful Chukkar Farms in Alpharetta, GA. This experience is not to be missed! Click here to learn more and purchase tickets.

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    Mark your calendars for the annual Golf Classic for CURE, held September 30, 2016 at the beautiful Oaks Course in Covington, GA. For more information about sponsorships or to register to play, contact Joe Coleman at