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May 15th, 2013

Oglethorpe Students host Cancer Awareness Event

A newborn male has a 1-in-300 chance of developing cancer by age 20 and a newborn female has a 1-in-333 chance. Childhood cancer is not uncommon and raising awareness is critical if we’re going to support researchers who are working to eliminate this disease. That’s why we were honored to be included in an awareness event hosted at Oglethorpe University.

Never Forget Poster Wall

On April 25th, Oglethorpe University students in the Cancer Biology class taught by Dr. Schmeichel hosted a cancer awareness event. The event was called “Never Forget,” and was meant for the students of the university to pay their respects to those friends and loved ones who have died from cancer and for those who are still fighting cancer. The event organizer said, “Many times people do not think about how much cancer affects other people and only know that the disease can be deadly. We wanted to educate people on the basics of the mechanisms of cancer cells and at the same time put emphasis on never forgetting those who have had to fight the disease and the struggles they must go through.”

Along with educational cancer demonstrations, a remembrance wall, a luminary walk, and a movie, the students took donations for CURE Childhood Cancer. The total amount of donations that came from Oglethorpe staff and students was $284.16.


We would like to thank the students for raising money and reaching out to their peers to spread awareness of this disease.

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  1. […] Students enrolled in “Cancer Biology” explained the multiple processes of how cancer cells travel to organs in the body. “Cell Biology” students conducted experiments that showed how different chemicals can affect cell growth and development. Psychology students expanded on previous psychological research by creating experiments that focused on everything from race and pro-social behavior to belief in being able to influence random chance events. Some of the content may have been a little difficult to understand if you are not familiar with terms like HELA cells, metastasis, and partial eta effect sizes. Nonetheless, each presentation added its own special touch to the array of scientific topics present at the college-leveled science fair. […]

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